Crazy Time vs. Monopoly: Which is Better?

In the thrilling realm of live casino games, two captivating contenders, Crazy Time and Monopoly Live, reign supreme, each offering an exhilarating gaming experience that captivates players worldwide. Developed by Evolution Gaming, renowned for its cutting-edge technology and innovative approach, these games present a world of excitement and opportunity.

While both share a money wheel foundation and alluring bonus features, their unique themes and gameplay elements set them apart, prompting the age-old question: which is better?

In this article, we delve into the heart of both slot games, examining their strengths, differences, and appeal, empowering players to make an informed decision tailored to their gaming preferences and desires.

Monopoly Live Slot Review

This well-liked game can be found within the interactive casino realm of an online betting platform. The core of the game showcases an immense wheel positioned at the center of the interface, accompanied by Mr. Monopoly comfortably seated on the left-hand side and a glimmering dice holder on the right. Gamblers have the opportunity to place their bets and eagerly observe the wheel’s whirling motion, anticipating the grand rewards that might come their way.

Moreover, the game incorporates an immersive 3D bonus round, where players can employ diverse tactics to enhance their likelihood of triumphing. The game grants players the convenience of indulging in its excitement through their mobile devices while relishing special attributes like a Live Chat function to elevate the overall experience.


  • Enlivening MC;
  • Exquisite game elements;
  • A vast array of wagering options;
  • Timeless monopoly theme;


  • Subpar return-to-player rates;
  • Fluctuating volatility levels;
  • Restricted betting window;
  • Limited availability on online casinos;

Monopoly Live Slot Review

Crazy Time Slot Game Review

This slot is yet another riveting game show curated by Evolution Gaming, presenting a cash wheel infused with additional elements, unleashing a wilder and more thrilling experience when juxtaposed with similar slot games. Meticulously crafted with state-of-the-art technology and interactive components, it bestows an enthralling adventure upon the players.

Encompassing four distinct bonus features open to wagers, in addition to an enigmatic multiplier that can bestow its blessings upon both standard numbers and bonus elements, this slot title stands as one of the most extravagant live casino games ever devised. This opulence is a testament to its unparalleled design, special effects, and the colossal sums of real currency waiting to be claimed.


  • Distinct and vibrant design;
  • Cutting-edge graphics;
  • Invigorating soundtrack;
  • State-of-the-art RNG;
  • The maximum multiplier skyrocketed to an astounding 25,000x;


  • Sky-high volatility;
  • Intricate gameplay;
  • Restricted wagering choices;
  • Absence of autoplay;
  • Lack of distinctiveness;

Crazy Time Slot Game Review

Similarities Between Two Games

Similar to Crazy Time, Monopoly showcases a captivating money wheel game enriched with live dealers, presenting players with lucrative opportunities to secure substantial prizes. Both games share the allure of engaging bonus rounds capable of significantly boosting your winnings.

An additional parallel is the incorporation of multipliers, injecting a surge of excitement and the potential for grandiose payouts. It is worth noting that both slot games originate from the reputable Evolution Gaming, a renowned developer lauded for their top-tier live casino games replete with cutting-edge features.

Both Evolution Gaming titles reign as live casino games that have captured the hearts of players worldwide. The common thread binding these two thrilling offerings is their foundation on a mesmerizing spinning wheel, adorned with diverse segments enticing players to place their bets.

Moreover, both games boast riveting bonus rounds that hold the promise of colossal payouts, amplifying the excitement to exhilarating heights. The cherry on top of this gaming extravaganza is the charismatic and captivating hosts who effortlessly elevate the entertainment quotient, making every moment a delight.

While their themes may diverge, the core essence of immersion and interactivity remains unaltered, catering to players seeking novelty and a departure from conventional casino games. With these two titles, Evolution Gaming has truly struck gold, and players are in for an unforgettable experience in the realm of live casino entertainment.

Crazy Time vs Monopoly Comparison:


These two extraordinary slot titles hail from the renowned Evolution Gaming. They can be both celebrated for their avant-garde technology and trailblazing approach to live dealer games. The company’s deployment of HTML5 technology underscores its commitment to providing seamless gameplay across all mobile devices, encompassing both iOS and Android platforms. 

This integration ensures that players can relish the immersive experience of these captivating games regardless of their preferred device, further enhancing accessibility and convenience. The developer’s dedication to innovation continues to solidify its position as a leading force in the realm of live casino entertainment.

Game Segments

Crazy Time has four bonus rounds named Pachinko, Coin Flip, Cash Hunt, and Crazy Time Special Feature. The game also has eight segments: Blue, Green, Pink, Yellow, and three different numbers – 1, 2, and 5. Each segment has a corresponding payout based on the player’s bet.

On the other hand, the Monopoly game’s board is divided into several segments based on the desktop version of this board title. It includes the GO segment and several properties’ segments, including the utilities, the railroads, and the streets. Players can earn payouts based on the property they land on and how much they have bet per property.

Crazy Time vs Monopoly Comparison


In the Crazy Time game, the probability of winning on any segment is determined by the total number of segments. Since there are eight segments, the probability of winning on any one segment is 1/8. Likewise, the probability of hitting the bonus rounds is low. For the Pachinko bonus round, the probability is as low as 2.22%. For the Cash Hunt bonus round, the probability is 4.17%. For the Coin Flip bonus round, the probability is 7.14%. The Crazy Time bonus round has the lowest probability of all, at 1.85%.

In the Monopoly game, the probability of winning is determined by the number of properties, and the likelihood of winning depends on the number of dice rolls. The more rolls a player has, the more likely they are to win. It’s worth noting that different properties have different probabilities of landing on the segment.


The Return to Player (RTP) percentage is an important factor to consider when comparing online casino games. It is the percentage of the total amount of bet that is returned to the players in the form of winnings.

Crazy Time has an RTP range of 95.55%, which is considered average for online casino games. Monopoly, on the other hand, has an RTP range of 93% to 97%, which gives players.

Special Features

Monopoly never fails to exhilarate players with its array of special features, rendering it an enticing game to partake in. Among its standout attributes is the thrilling 3D bonus game, activated when the wheel graces the 2 Rolls or 4 Rolls segment.

During this enticing bonus round, players are presented with a chance to roll virtual dice, navigating the renowned board to claim enticing prizes at every turn.

Additionally, the Chance card stands as another exceptional feature, able to grace the game at any given moment. This fortuitous card opens up a world of possibilities, offering players the potential to secure instant cash prizes or lucrative multipliers.

Likewise, Crazy Time is replete with special features that keep players on the edge of their seats. The game’s standout highlight lies in its four thrilling bonus games, triggered when the wheel comes to rest on the corresponding segments.

The Pachinko bonus game, a fan favorite, promises the prospect of winnings that can soar up to 500 times the initial bet. Furthermore, the Coin Flip game adds an extra layer of excitement, allowing players to wager on which side of the coin will be unveiled. The Cash Hunt game further heightens the thrill as players select symbols to unveil coveted cash prizes.

Demo Versions

Some online casinos do offer the option to play both slot games for free, presenting an excellent opportunity for players to acquaint themselves with the games and their mechanics without the need to wager real money. It’s an ideal method to test the waters and gain a thorough understanding of the gameplay without any financial risks. However, it’s essential to bear in mind that playing for free also means that you won’t have the chance to win real money.

Special Features

While enjoying the games for free, players can still revel in all the fantastic features, including the captivating bonus rounds and special elements, providing a comprehensive gaming experience. However, it’s important to recognize that certain bonuses or promotions, typically available exclusively to real-money players, won’t be accessible when playing for free.

Playing for free serves as an excellent stepping stone into the world of both slot titles, allowing players to master the rules and strategies before committing real money. It’s essential to understand that the dynamics between playing for free and playing for real money differ significantly, and only when transitioning to a real-money account can players relish the prospect of winning real rewards. As always, before embarking on any gaming journey, it’s advisable to verify the casino’s specific terms and conditions regarding free play options.

Mobile Device Compatibility

Both slot games extend seamlessly to the realm of mobile gaming. Players can indulge in these captivating games directly from their smartphones or tablets by simply visiting the website of their favored online casino. The games are thoughtfully optimized for mobile play, ensuring that players relish the same high-quality, immersive experience synonymous with playing on a desktop computer.

Evolution Gaming’s commitment to providing exceptional gameplay across various platforms enables players to partake in the excitement of both slot games at their convenience, wherever they may be. Whether you’re on the go or relaxing at home, the captivating allure of these games remains at your fingertips.

Potential Multiplier On Spins And Payouts

When it comes to pure number bets, Crazy Time holds an advantage. Although Monopoly has more ones and twos (38), Crazy Time (with 34 ones and twos) compensates by assigning win multipliers to these segments. This offsets the difference in the number of segments between the two games, making Crazy Time more appealing for this type of bet.

Regarding bonuses, Crazy Time offers a wealth of diverse bonus rounds that can be just as rewarding as those in Monopoly. However, due to its high variance nature, the payouts may feel less frequent while playing, despite potentially offering similar average rewards to Monopoly. This variance in payouts may be attributed to the specific structure of the Crazy Time game.

Minimum Bets

The minimum wager for both slot games varies depending on the chosen casino venue. In the majority of casinos, Monopoly typically boasts a minimum bet of $ 0.10, whereas Crazy Time Wheel usually requires a minimum bet of $ 0.20. 

However, it’s imperative to acknowledge that different online casinos may impose distinct minimum bet requirements, making it essential to review the specific rules and guidelines of the intended casino before engaging in gameplay.

The significance of minimum bet requirement is particularly relevant for players adhering to stringent budgets or those seeking to familiarize themselves with the games before committing substantial sums.

Both slot games cater to a diverse range of players, providing an array of betting options to accommodate individuals with varying wagering preferences – from low-stakes players to daring high rollers. 

Minimum Bets

Irrespective of your budget constraints, these games afford everyone the opportunity to partake in thrilling gameplay with the enticing prospect of securing substantial prizes.

Maximum Win Options

When considering the potential for maximum wins, both Monopoly and Crazy Time stand as impressive contenders, capable of delivering substantial payouts reaching six figures.

In the realm of Monopoly, players can achieve a maximum win of 10,000 times their initial bet, offering the thrilling possibility of a staggering $ 500,000 payout on a single spin. As a testament to the game’s allure, the largest recorded win on Monopoly Live, an astounding $ 1,205,000, was triumphantly claimed in the year 2020.

Conversely, Crazy Time raises the stakes even higher, offering the potential for even more substantial payouts with a maximum win of 20,000 times the initial bet. This immense potential translates to the dazzling prospect of securing a jaw-dropping $ 1,000,000 payout on a single spin. The largest recorded win on Crazy Time, an extraordinary $ 4,000,000, was achieved in 2020, further cementing its reputation as a game of boundless possibilities.

Will Crazy Time Surpass Monopoly as the Leading Game Show Slot Title?

Absolutely, both Monopoly and Crazy Time serve as exhilarating choices for casino enthusiasts, offering delightful and captivating gameplay. Monopoly draws in fans of the classic board game, immersing them in a world enriched with its iconic Monopoly theme, while Crazy Time delivers a vibrant and dynamic game show-style ambiance, brimming with entertainment.

Enthusiastic game hosts play a pivotal role in enhancing both games’ appeal, with Mr. Monopoly charming players in Monopoly, and Crazy Time featuring an upbeat presenter, creating a lively atmosphere for all participants. The games’ flexibility in offering a diverse range of betting options caters to players with varying budgets, making the gaming experience more accessible and enjoyable.

It is worth considering the differences in terms of RTP and volatility. Monopoly bears a lower RTP on specific bets, while Crazy Time Wheel’s volatility can vary depending on the player’s wagering decisions.

Both games boast an array of special features that elevate the excitement, offering unique bonus rounds and the potential to win significant prizes. Monopoly enthralls players with its 3D Bonus Game and the Chance card-triggered rewards, while Crazy Time Wheel stands out with its four thrilling bonus games.

The convenience of playing both Monopoly Live and Crazy Time Wheel on mobile devices ensures players can relish the excitement wherever they go, and the option to play for free in demo mode enables newcomers to familiarize themselves with the games before diving into real-money gameplay.

Which Game Is Better To Play – Crazy Time or Monopoly?

When deliberating between the merits of Monopoly and Crazy Time, the final verdict hinges entirely on personal taste. Each game boasts a set of unique features that can cater to different player preferences. If you find solace in the charm of the classic board game, Monopoly emerges as the clear choice.

The game successfully captures the essence of the beloved board game, incorporating familiar characters and elements, instilling a sense of nostalgia and delight. However, if your heart craves diversity and a whirlwind of wild amusement, Crazy Time might be your ideal match.

With its diverse range of bonus games and special features, the game keeps you on the edge of your seat, anticipating unexpected twists and turns.

Both games deliver gratifying payouts and present players with an array of betting options, ensuring ample enjoyment for all. Ultimately, the decision rests upon the type of gaming experience you seek. For those drawn to vibrant displays and lively animations, Crazy Time Wheel promises an irresistible allure. Conversely, if you favor a more classical and refined ambiance, Monopoly stands as the epitome of elegance.

The final choice lies entirely in your hands as you contemplate which game aligns best with your desires. Both Monopoly Live and Crazy Time Wheel present excellent options for online casino gaming, presenting ample opportunities to achieve remarkable triumphs.


  1. Does Crazy Time have better payouts than Monopoly Live?

It ultimately depends on individual preferences and betting strategies. Crazy Time and Monopoly Live both offer different payout structures and opportunities, and it’s up to the player to decide which game suits them best. However, Crazy Time generally offers higher volatility, which means that the payouts can be larger but less frequent.

  1. Is Crazy Time more enjoyable than Monopoly Live?

Again, it comes down to personal preference. Both games offer unique experiences and have a dedicated following. Crazy Time offers fast-paced gameplay with colorful graphics and unique bonus rounds, while Monopoly Live offers a more immersive experience that is reminiscent of playing the classic board game.

Which Game Is Better To Play – Crazy Time or Monopoly?

  1. What is the maximum win for each game?

The maximum win for each game varies based on the specific version of the game and the player’s betting strategy. However, in general, Crazy Time has a higher maximum payout potential due to its higher volatility.

  1. What is the minimum bet for each game?

The minimum bet for each game also varies depending on the specific version of the game and the casino offering it. Players can typically find this information on the game’s information page or in the game’s rules section.

  1. Can you play Monopoly and Crazy Time Wheel on your mobile device?

Yes, both Monopoly Live and Crazy Time are available to play on mobile devices. Players can access these games through the online casino’s mobile app or mobile website.

  1. Are there any special features in each game?

Both games have their unique features. Crazy Time has four bonus rounds named Pachinko, Cash Hunt, Coin Flip, and Crazy Time, while Monopoly Live offers players the chance to participate in a 3D virtual world with the potential for winning big payouts.

  1. Can you play the games for free?

Some online casinos offer free demo mode versions of Crazy Time and Monopoly Live for players to practice and get familiar with the games. However, players can also typically play the games for real money and potentially win payouts.

  1. What is the best bet in Monopoly?

The best bet in Monopoly Live depends on the specific situation and game conditions. However, a general strategy is to focus on properties with the highest RTP percentages and to bet conservatively to minimize losses.

  1. What is the highest multiplier on Crazy Time?

The highest multiplier on Crazy Time is 20,000x, which is available in the Crazy Time bonus round.

  1. Is Monopoly more luck or skill?

Monopoly Live is a game of both luck and skill. Players can increase their chances of winning by making strategic decisions, such as choosing which properties to bet on and when to cash out. However, ultimately, the game also involves a significant element of luck.

  1. What is the easiest strategy to win Monopoly?

There is no guaranteed strategy to win at Monopoly Live, as the game relies heavily on chance and luck. However, players can improve their odds by focusing on properties with the highest RTP percentages and by betting conservatively to minimize losses. Additionally, players should be aware of when to cash out to avoid losing their entire bet.